North Mada Street Story

Our Story – “From the hands that made history...”

My story goes back to the bygone era where making food meant my female relatives would gather together to cook whether it was a simple lunch or a marriage. Amongst the hustle and bustle, the laughter and clattering of vessels, these amazing women cooked traditional, delicious food & snacks for all of us with recipes that where handed down to them over generations.

With school, college and my job in the US, I was caught up in the humdrum of adult life. On one such trip from New York to Dallas with a delay in my flight, I decided to settle down for a coffee and a bite. As my thoughts drifted to my good old village days, I longed for the kai murukku and hot filter kaapi (coffee) that my patti used to serve. On my return to India, I soon learnt some of my cousins, relatives, and a host of women in Tirunelveli agrahara & villages were cooking the traditional recipes & snacks that my patti followed from her mother. The taste of these snacks and sweets took me back to the unforgettable flavors and aromas from my patti’s kitchen.

As a teenager, I sold my mother’s vadaams (fryums) but the local grocer rejected it because it was not branded. Luckily, a maami (another name for a Brahmin lady) passing by picked up a packet and her positive feedback for our homemade product was the stepping-stone for my illustrious, 35 year sales career.

The urge to help the Indian Village & Agrahara women to revive the traditional and authentic taste and to reintroduce Indian snacks and savories to the present generation is what NorthMadaStreet stands for.

There is no better time to participate in the Made in India, Atma Nirbhar movement.

I am starting this venture with my native Tirunelveli delicacies, with plans to deliver snacks from other unique areas in South India. I have utmost gratitude to so many great women who have painstakingly managed to safeguard our traditional recipes. It is my honor and pleasure to be part of this legacy and to serve you only the best.