About Us

Homemade, traditional, authentic, fresh, lip-smacking, sweet, and savory food is something all of us long for. For most of us born during the 60s to 80s, our nostalgic memories goes back to our childhood days, spending summer vacations in our native place with our thathas and pattis (grand parents), cherishing their love & care, and munching on native traditional goodies through the Indian summer.

True to Mahatma Gandhi’s quote “The soul of India lives in its villages”, every Indian village is unique in its own way with it’s traditions, languages, cuisines and clothing, all of which sum up to the Indian charm. The richness of our authentic cuisine goes back to our village kitchens where the recipes were handed down through generations.

With the western influence overshadowing our urban life, we have drifted away and jumped into the junk food bandwagon; most of our children are deprived of traditional and authentic Indian snacks. But times are changing; with new age lifestyle diseases, there has been a paradigm shift.

The definition of food is changing, with the rising consciousness to nutritious & quality ingredients for authentic homemade snacks. There is a demand for natural & homemade products that deliver health benefits while satisfying the craving for snacks.

North Mada Street is an initiative to help you relive your childhood memories and take you back to the good old days when our pattis prepared food with love and care while retaining its nutritional value and freshness.

This venture is also an initiative to encourage, empower and employ village women to support their livelihood by sourcing it from them. Be it a marriage, festival, or personal craving, we have it all covered.

Homemade recipes for Sambar, Rasam, Podis (masala powders) & Indian Villages native snacks like world’s famous Tirunelveli Halwa, Kai Murukku, Athirasam, Manoharam, Thattai, Mixture & fryums like Ulundhu Appalam (Urad Dal), Arisi Appalam (Rice Papad), etc. are some of the goodies you will find in our menu.