My first boss - My mother - Seeking my parents blessings

As I start and launch NorthMadaStreet.Com, my entrepreneurial journey, I am seeking my parents blessings on this joyous moment.

My mother is an authority in cooking, she has fed us the best of delicacies for all functions, festivals and I don’t think we have ever missed celebrating any.

Though she comes from a Zamindar family, she adjusted herself well to my father’s side needs so well.

She was my first boss as I was selling her Vaadam’s (Fryums) as a teenager in the streets of Chennai (aka Madras). It was stepping stone that helped me build my sales / business development / marketing career, that I flourished for over 35 years including 2 decades in the international markets. 

Glad to be back to sell our native, authentic snacks, savouries, sweets & masala powders.

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  • N.Paramasivam

    A heartiest tribute to parents. Nice.

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